Anno accademico 2019-2020


Carlo Drioli
Anno di corso: 2
Totale crediti: 9
Tipologia: Caratterizzante
Periodo didattico: Primo Periodo
Lingua insegnamento: ITALIANO
Prerequisiti. A good knowledge of the topics covered in the course

“Informatica Multimediale” is required, including the foundations of

imperative programming and object oriented programming, the

Javascript language basis and the fundamentals of HTML(X)

Metodi didattici. Theory lessons will be complemented by an appropriate number of

practical laboratory lessons ( about 24 hours on 63 total ) . The laboratory

activity will concern the implementation of the knowledge acquired

during the lectures. It will consist in problem-solving exercises, in

applications based on forms and data management in XHTML, in PHP

language examples for server-side programming.

Modalità di verifica. The exam consists of a written test containing exercises and open questions. The possibility of integrating the written exam with an

optional practical project, previously agreed with the teacher.

The practical project must be carried out and evaluated before the verbalization of the examination.

Altre informazioni. Orario di ricevimento al termine delle lezioni frontali o previo



• Knowledge and understanding

The student must acquire the conceptual and practical skills for the web

programming and the design of simple dynamic Web applications.

• Applying knowledge and understanding;

Through constant laboratory activities, students will learn to solve simple

algorithmic problems related to client-server programming, to the

interaction design for Web and to develop simple distributed applications.

• Making judgments;

The course will enhance the critical capacity and the autonomy of the

student, in making design decisions and choosing implementative

solutions within the development for the Web.

• Communication skills;

By carrying out practical activities in small groups, students will develop

communication skills specific to the field of Web technologies, and

familiarize with the language and analysis of the design process for the


• Learning skills;

By carrying out laboratory work and periodic checks, the student will

have the opportunity to hone his self-evaluation capacity for the

assessment of his degree of learning.


The course will provide the conceptual and practical tools for the design

and implementation of Web-based applications. The fundamental skills

needed for client-server programming and implementation of Web pages

and sites will be provided, with complementary modules concerning the

management of interactive and multimedia components


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