Anno accademico 2020-2021


Lorenzo Gianni Santi
Anno di corso: 1
Totale crediti: 6
Tipologia: Base
Periodo didattico: Secondo Periodo
Metodi didattici. Lectures
Modalità di verifica. Written test during the course (it gives bonus marks for the final examination)

Final examination

Written test aimed to evaluate the student’s capabilities in approaching and solving problems. A positive assessment in the test is required for the admission to the oral examination.

The oral examination is aimed to verify the content learned by the student and his/her ability to organize the concepts in a presentation.

In the case of restrictions on the in presence

activities due to COVID-19, written tests will be replaced by online quizzes.


As outcomes of the course students are espected

-To have gained knowledge and understanding of the phenomenology and modelling in classical mechanics

-To be able to use the modeling tools to address and solve problems

-To be able to rework and expose independently the concepts and the methods learned in the course.


The disciplinary content of the course includes mainly the classical mechanics, and is divided into

-Introduction to experimental physics (measurement, physical quantities, physical models)

-kinematics (reference systems, kinematic variables, transformations between coordinate systems)

-Dynamics (mass point, energy/work, extended bodies)


Halliday Resnick Walker FONDAMENTI DI FISICA vol1 Casa Editrice Ambrosiana

Slides of the lectures