Sistemi dinamici



Time, stability, entropy and chaos. These are some of the key concepts that permeate the systems surrounding us. They occupy an important place in the study of many evolutionary phenomena and have always exerted a considerable attraction, engaging the interest of numerous scientific disciplines. In this context, mathematics plays an essential and unique role in observing, describing and understanding the fundamental mechanisms that explain and govern the dynamics of systems.

The Dynamical Systems Track of our Mathematics Master Degree aims to provide students with a solid foundation enabling them to interpret and master the numerous aspects and different configurations of the various theories involved. The teaching programme ranges from general to qualitative theory and from the study of entropy to algebraic, topological, ergodic and numerical aspects. Attention is also focused on the area of modelling as well as on applications which, given the importance and breadth of this discipline, may range from number theory to population dynamics, complex networks and control theory.

The core competences are acquired through curricular courses in the areas of logic, algebra, and mathematical and numerical analysis, complemented by laboratory activities, internships and theses, Erasmus exchanges and internship grants, also at international level. Finally, the Dynamical Systems Track prepares students for admission to PhD programmes in mathematical sectors, both theoretical and applied.

The training programme includes the following common compulsory courses:

A further 36 course credits must be chosen from the complementary courses shown below. Among these, the choice of:

automatically results in approval of the study plan.

The track also includes an activity chosen from:

  • Mathematics Laboratory 6 CFU
  • External Internship 6 CFU

It is completed by 12 free-choice course credits and the final test for 30 credits.

Complementary Courses offered in the academic years 2021/22, 2023/24 etc.:

Complementary Courses offered in the academic years 2020/21, 2022/23 etc.:

  • Algebra superiore I (MAT/02) 6 CFU
  • Didattica della matematica (MAT/04) 6 CFU
  • Entropia e sistemi dinamici (MAT/02) 6 CFU
  • Fondamenti della matematica (MAT/04) 6 CFU
  • Geometria algebrica I (MAT/03) 6 CFU
  • Geometria computazionale (INF/01) 6 CFU
  • Istituzioni di logica matematica (MAT/01) 6 CFU
  • Teoria dei giochi (MAT/09) 6 CFU
  • Topologia algebrica (MAT/03) 6 CFU
  • Topologia I (MAT/02) 6 CFU