The Department’s Locations

The Department is spread over three locations: the main Udine location and the satellite locations of Pordenone and Gorizia.

Main Udine Location

The Department’s main site is located on the second floor of the main building of the Rizzi Campus, Via delle Scienze 206, 33100 Udine, Italy.

Directions to the Campus:

Pordenone Location

c/o CEPO – Centro Polifunzionale di Pordenone
Via Prasecco 3/a, 33170 Pordenone
e-mail: cepo@uniud.it
tel. +39 0434 239411
fax. +39 0434 239429

Gorizia Location

c/o CEGO – Centro Polifuzionale di Gorizia
via Santa Chiara 1, 34170 Gorizia
e-mail: cego@uniud.it
tel. +39 0481 580 150
fax. +39 0481 580 174