Pietro Corvaja
Prof. Pietro Corvaja

Room: NN2
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Email: pietro.corvaja@uniud.it

Christian Micheloni
Prof. Christian Micheloni

Room: SN21
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Email: christian.micheloni@uniud.it


Room: SE9
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Email: silvia.zuccaro@uniud.it


The mission of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics is to foster advanced teaching, learning and research in these fields at national and international level and to implement and develop scientific, technological and cultural transfer in the interest of interaction with society and businesses, with the aim of promoting economic and social growth in the local area.


The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science – the University of Udine’s first department in chronological order – was activated through Rectoral Decree no. 52 of 13/03/1987 as a natural progression of the Institute of Mathematics, Computer Science and Systemics, activated upon foundation of the University of Udine (in 1978). With deactivation of the Faculties, as of 01/10/2012 it became the University’s department of reference for teaching and research in the area of Mathematical, Computer and Multimedia Sciences.

On 01/01/2016, following reorganisation of the University with merging of the departmental structures, it became the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF).


DMIF offers bachelor degree programmes in MathematicsComputer ScienceInternet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning and Multimedia Science and Technology (at the Pordenone location, with a curriculum agreed with the Conservatoire of Udine) and master degree programmes in MathematicsComputer ScienceMultimedia Communication and Information Technology (at the Pordenone location), Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity (international inter-university double degree), Data Science and Scientific Computing (international inter-university master based at the Trieste location) and Physics (inter-university master based at the Trieste location).

DMIF is home to the PhD Course in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, in agreement with the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region. The training programme spans both the theoretical and formal and the more applied, experimental and computational aspects of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, also, in the latter subject, including teaching aspects. The particular interdisciplinary nature of the PhD programme enables graduate students to tackle topics intersecting the three disciplines.

The School has 32 active Erasmus+ study agreements, in addition to the offering of two master degree courses with the University of Klagenfurt and Vatican City.

The Department today

The Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF) conducts teaching and research activities in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Multimedia and Information Science and Technology, the Internet of Things and the Web.

It currently has some 80 professors, lecturers and researchers and a staff of 20 administrators and technicians. The Department also has over a hundred temporary research fellows, PhD students and external research and teaching assistants, guests and visitors. It is home to the Interdepartmental Teaching Research Centre (CIRD), an Italian Institute for Higher Mathematics (INDAM) research unit, an Italian Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science (CINI) research unit, and the Group associated with the Trieste Section of the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).

The Department implements and develops conventions in partnership with companies and national and international institutions and promotes student-company interaction, producing over 100 graduation theses each year in collaboration with companies. It implements and develops initiatives for schools, organising teacher training activities (workshops, masters, courses and postgraduate schools) and work experience.