Technology transfer

Through its members, the Department contributes to technology transfer activities through the establishment of Spin-off/Start-up companies and the publication of patents.

Spin-offs and Start-ups

The Department is particularly active in the establishment of Spin-off or Start-up companies of the University of Udine as a tool to transfer the scientific and technological expertise of its members. The University of Udine’s Spin-off Regulations distinguish between University spin-off companies, in which the University is part of the shareholding structure, and University start-up companies, promoted by structured personnel but without University shareholding. The status of University spin-off or start-up is normally maintained for a period of five years from its establishment.

Current University spin-offs or start-ups originating from the Department:

Former University spin-offs or start-ups originating from the Department:


Through patents, the Department makes use of the results of its research and contributes to the transfer of innovation to the production system. Patenting activities are governed by the University of Udine’s Patent Regulations

Patents obtained by members of the Department (patents subject to confidentiality agreements are not listed):

  • Method, system and software program for shooting and editing a film comprising at least one image of a 3D computer-generated animation (William Bares, Marc Christie, Christophe Lino, Roberto Ranon)

For further information on the University of Udine’s patenting activities, please refer to the Patents page of the University website.