This page provides information on tutors, including how to contact them, and information useful for future students.

Tutors are older students tasked with helping other students to overcome any difficulties they may encounter during their studies.

This site contains official information, under the responsibility of the Computer Science Programme Coordinators and the Teaching Manager.

You can contact the tutors at the following email address:

The Mathematics and Computer Science tutors are based at the following address:

  • Via delle Scienze, 206, 33100, Udine (View the location on Google Maps)

How to reach the Udine location:

  • From the A4 motorway, Udine North (Udine Nord) exit: view directions on Google Maps
  • From the A4 motorway, Udine South (Udine Sud) exit: view directions on Google Maps
  • From Udine railway station by bus: take a no. 9 or no. 10 from the bus stop opposite the railway station itself.
  • From Ronchi dei Legionari Airport (Trieste): view directions on Google Maps
  • From the ‘SS 13’ A Road: view directions on Google Maps

Our Pordenone location, where our Multimedia tutors are based, is at the following address:

  • Via Prasecco 3/a, 33170, Pordenone (View the location on Google Maps)
In order to enrol, you must follow the online pre-enrolment procedure and then bring all the necessary documentation to the Academic Office (Segreteria Didattica) (also known as the Ufficio Servizi per la Didattica), located at Via delle Scienze 206, Udine.

If you are working but would like to enrol on a degree programme, you can choose to enrol as a part-time student. The status of part-time student enables you to obtain a degree over twice as many years as the programme’s normal duration while benefitting from fee reductions. In this way, even if you do have limited time to spend studying, you will not run the risk of being considered behind with your exams.

If you would like to enrol at the University of Udine but come from a different city, the following web addresses may help you.

Other listing sites: