Transferring from another university

In this section, students enrolled at other universities can find all the information necessary to transfer to the programmes offered by the Department.

Information on transferring from another university

Students who are enrolled at other universities and have the prerequisites may apply for transfer according to the terms and procedures indicated in the Board of Studies.

Prospective transfer students must submit the appropriate application to the Administrative Office for Students (Segreteria studenti) of the university of origin, which will transmit the documentation on the student’s career to our University.

Our University’s Administrative Office for Students will then send the student an application to continue his/her studies with us, indicating the deadline for its completion and submission.

For information on the teaching regulations and study plan, please refer to the Programme Guide.

Students transferring from other universities are subject to the fees and contributions scheme established for students of the University of Udine while, for tuition fees already paid for the current academic year, students must enquire as to the possibility of obtaining a reimbursement from the university of origin.

Students must apply for any tuition fee reductions according to the terms indicated in the Additional Note on Fees, Contributions and Exemptions.

Students who have a university qualification or have passed exams at other universities may apply to find out in advance how many educational credits they would be awarded if they chose to continue their studies at our University.