Career assessment

This page describes how and when to apply for previous career assessment for enrolment, change of programme or transfer from another university.

Previous career assessment must be applied for in the following cases:


Prospective students may apply to find out in advance, through previous career assessment, how many educational credits they would be awarded on admission.

Application for assessment is subject to payment of a sum defined annually in the Additional Note on Fees, Contributions and Exemptions.

Recognisable credits are established by the committee of the competent teaching structure, and are automatically recognised should the prospective student decide to enrol at the University of Udine.

The application  must be submitted to the Administrative Office for Students (Segreteria studenti) of the relevant academic area no later than 30 days before the deadline for admission applications. Applications may be sent by post or delivered by third parties. In both cases, a copy of your identity document must be attached.

The page of the application for self-certification of your academic qualification and exams taken must be completed.

For further information on requirements, terms, any necessary documentation or study plans, please refer to the relevant Boards of Studies and Programme Guides published in the teaching programme.