PhD Course in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics


Web tools for supporting scientific research and dissemination

Basic Course


University of Udine
Board Contact
2 for attendance + 2 for validation
April 3 & 10 / May 17 & 30, 2019
Lessons / Hours
12h total (4 lessons)
The aim of this course is to present a set of Web tools (applications, and scientific and professional social networks), which offer new challenging opportunities for supporting the research and the scientific dissemination. The participants will work in computer lab for modelling and realizing multimedia digital artifacts, and for enhancing the modalities of scientific communication on the Web.

This course is organized in two main parts. The first part, more general, introduces students to cloud computing, Web applications, and professional social networks dedicated to scientific dissemination. The second part, mainly proposed in computer lab, involves the students:

  • in the creation of a set of digital products, conceived to enhance professional activities and initiatives. Students will use a set of applications to prepare presentations and infographics; interactive images and videos; conceptual maps; timelines and other digital artefacts
  • in defining and managing their digital identity on professional (such as LinkedIn) and dedicated to scientific dissemination (such as ResearchGate, Mendeley, Academia) social networks.
Students will be required to deepen the content of the course and apply them in concrete case study. They will present their contribution in a short seminar and in a report, containing all the realized digital artifacts.