Academic Year 2023-2024



Luca Cossettini
Unit Credits
Teaching Period
Second Period
Course Type
Prerequisites. None.
Teaching Methods. Oral teaching and lab.
Verification of Learning. Oral exam and individual assignments.

More Information. Non attending student are asked to contact the teacher in advance for the assignment.
– to know the history of musical publishing systems and the role of publishing in institutions, the economy and the dissemination of musical culture;

– to know the editorial forms for different types of musical sources: publication of theoretical works, manuals, musical theory and orchestration treatises, encyclopedias;

– to know the material bases and the technology of reproduction in the dissemination of musical culture;

– to know the role of multimedia and web technologies in the evolution of musical publishing theoretical models;

– Being able to explain the fundamental problems and methods for music publishing, in relation to the new music publishing forms.

– to know how to plan an editorial project.

– to know how to interpret the cultural dynamics and the technological evolution, and to be able to manage them at the planning and creative level in relation to the economic-productive needs.

– to be able to explain with logical and terminological rigour, both verbally and in writing, technical questions, including those relating to the publishing processes of music;

– to know how to find and to use bibliographic and computer tools for the in-depth study of problems related to music publishing.

The course deals with the systems for musical publishing, paying attention both to textual tradition and to new means of reproduction, restoration and re-issue of recorded sound. Problems and methods of musical editing will be exemplified through the analysis of historical critical editions of classical works and editions of recorded music. Electronic and mixed music will be the topic of monographic in-depth.
Lecture notes given by the teacher.