Academic Year 2019-2020



Pierluigi Ledda
Unit Credits
Teaching Period
First Period
Course Type
Prerequisites. Good knowledge of English
Teaching Methods. Frontal lessons

Seminar exercises

Verification of Learning. Oral Exam
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The Music Management course aims to deepen the economic organization and managerial activities of the music business. The course includes, first of all, traditional educational activities that have three fundamental purposes:

> introduce students to the birth and evolution of the record industry

> analyze the composite supply chain of the record industry, identifying the key players, their roles and specific processes within the supply chain;

> reflect on the changes taking place in the music production chain, both technologically and socially and economically.

The lessons concern the following topics:

> The record industry in contemporary music.

> Music resources online

> The structure of the value chain in the music business.

> Consumer styles in the record industry.

> Promotion of the offer: marketing and promotional channels.

> The role of digital technologies in the music business.

> Business regulation: copyright.

> Agreements and diversification in the music business.

> Festivals and Musical Cities

> “Retromania”: nostalgia as a profit lever, anachronistic consumption, the phenomenon of reprints

> Musealization music: V&A Museum London and the case of the David Bowie exhibition

> P. WIKSTRÖM – The Music Industry, 2013.

> Readings suggested by the teacher in the classroom