Academic Year 2023-2024



Ilvano Caliaro
Unit Credits
Teaching Period
Second Period
Course Type
Teaching Methods. The course consists of lectures.
Verification of Learning. The exam consists of an oral examination aimed at verifying an adequate knowledge of course materials.
More Information. Students who do not follow lectures are asked to contact the Professor.
At the end of the course the student will have to:

– know the general outlines of the history of Italian publishing from the Unification to the present day, when traditional publishing is integrated with the electronic and multimedia one;

– know the different phases and procedures through which a text becomes a book, both in paper and electronic version;

– know the different professional figures involved in the creation of a book.

1. The book as atypical commercial product since it expresses and produces culture.

2. The evolution of publishing which in the last decades has known increasingly rapid and radical transformations, both in productive and distributive processes and tools and ways of reading.

Study materials for the exam:

– G. Roncaglia, La quarta rivoluzione. Sei lezioni sul futuro del libro, Bari- Roma, Laterza, 2017;

– A. Cadioli-G. Vigini, Storia dell’editoria italiana dall’Unità ad oggi. Un profilo introduttivo, Milano, Editrice Bibliografica, 2012;

– E. Mistretta, L’editoria. Un’industria dell’artigianato, Bologna, il Mulino, 2006.