Academic Year 2023-2024



Pietro De Poi
Francesco Zucconi
Unit Credits
Teaching Period
Course Type
Prerequisites. First two years of first-level degree in Mathematics
Teaching Methods. Lectures.
Verification of Learning. For each part of the course: Written examination (3 hours) on exercises followed by an oral theoretical examination.
More Information. Oral examination by appointment also.

The course could be held in English, upon proposal of the competent teaching structure.

The student will have to:

Knowledge and understanding: To know some basic concepts and results of differential geometry. To recognize a geometric problem which is resoluble through differential geometry methods.

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding: To know how to deal with and solve some classical problems of differential geometry. To find analytical and geometric applications of differential geometry

Independent thinking: To know how to find the most appropriate analytical or geometric techniques in solving assigned problems. To address the difficulty of specific problems both in complex analysis of one variable and in differential geometry.

Communication skills: To introduce, orally and in writing, a subject, or a mathematical theory, learned during the course. Being able to present to a non-specialist public the salient aspects of classical theory of analytic functions in one complex variable, of Riemann surfaces, and of curves and surfaces immersed in ordinary space.

Learning ability: to be able to read a graduate degree book in the fields covered by the course. To work independently in literature search. To address the proposed problems by selecting independently the most meaningful ones.

The aim of the first part of the course is to introduce the basic concepts of differential geometry. The second part will concern the theory of Riemann surfaces.
W. Ballmann, “Introduction to Geometry and Topology”

M.P.Do Carmo, “Differential geometry of curves and surfaces”

M.P. Do Carmo “Riemannian geometry”

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