2nd Level Specialising Master in “Intelligence and ICT”



Our Specialising Master (Master di livello II) is conceived for professionals employed by public bodies, law enforcement, the Armed Forces and Defence Staff, the Prime Minister’s Office and companies, and is intended to provide knowledge and operational expertise for planning, organisation and implementation of activities in intelligence contexts with particular attention to management of the new information technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Web Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Open Source Intelligence, Crowdsource Intelligence, etc.).

The Master Degree Programme, built on a solid foundation of knowledge of the general principles of law and geopolitics, is an opportunity to:

  1. acquire detailed knowledge of IT tools and new digital technologies useful in intelligence processes and activities
  2. develop practical and operational skills through the laboratory component of the activities proposed
  3. supplement specific knowledge with interdisciplinary expertise useful in increasing employment opportunities in the various working environments.

In addition to face-to-face lectures held by teaching staff in person (or, alternatively, by video conference), the programme includes activities specifically aimed at acquisition of operational skills, conducted using laboratory methods, whose characteristics vary according to the specific discipline and content in question.

Further information is available on the programme page. To register (non-binding) interest in participating, please complete the following form.