Companies, Police Forces, Army, Air Force, the Navy, State Bodies, and Public Institutions, increasingly need professional profiles capable of organizing and managing intelligence and security by integrating specific professional training with geopolitical, law, economic intelligence skills, and above all specific skills on new digital technologies.


The Master of I and Level II provide the knowledge and operational skills to plan, organize and implement activities in the context of intelligence and security, increasingly linked to the new challenges that today’s public bodies and companies must overcome.

The Master provides both a solid knowledge of the general principles of law, geopolitics, economic intelligence and communication, and the opportunity to acquire knowledge and operational skills related to advanced IT tools and new digital technologies used for processes and activities intelligence, with theoretical learning and laboratory activities related to the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine, and Deep Learning, Cyber Security, Biometrics and Gait Recognition, Web Intelligence, Text Mining, OpenSource Intelligence, Crowdsource Intelligence, Computer Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Particular attention is given to the integration of specialized knowledge with those transversal skills necessary to increase the ability to both integrate and grow within different work contexts.


A minimum of 4 scholarships is provided for 50% of the enrolment fee and 10 scholarships for 20% of the enrolment fee. Further benefits will be recognized in relation to the number of students and increase in the budget. The benefits will be attributed following a specific application, based on the CV, a motivational letter, and an interview that will take into account: (a) Knowledge and skills in the field of Intelligence, ICT, and new technologies; (b) Motivations and interest in the subjects of the Master.

A condition for access to the benefits is having already applied for admission to the Master.

The admission application must be submitted online by 12.00 a.m. on 29 October 2021 from the page www.uniud.it/masterintelligence.

More information on the page dedicated to the Master (https://www.uniud.it/it/didattica/formazione-post-laurea/master/alta-formazione/area-scientifico-tecnologica/master_intelligence) and on the official website of Master in “Intelligence and ICT” (https://masterintelligenceict.dmif.uniud.it/).

To express interest in participating contact the tutors of the Master at masterintelligence@uniud.it.