The Master of I and Level II train specialists capable of operating in the current context of intelligence and security. In particular, they provide them with high skills in the use and management of new information technologies. The professional figure trained in this Master will be able to skillfully operate in the global context outlined by the concept of information dominance, because it will have acquired the ability to:

  1. analyze and process large amounts of data (Big Data) with advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques;
  2. make use of the latest digital technologies from augmented reality to autonomous advanced systems;
  3. use conceptual frameworks from humanities, reinforced by laboratory activities based on specific experiences acquired “in the field” by intelligence specialists.

The Master of I level allows the students  to gain in-depth knowledge about the use of new digital technologies derived from disciplines such as: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biometrics, Web Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, Blockchain, Fake news discovery, etc. The Master provides operational expertise to plan, organize and carry out specific activities in the context of corporate intelligence and security, firmly anchored to an understanding of the general principles of law, geopolitics and economic intelligence. The awareness that makes the practical use of this knowledge and skills possible is obtained by integrating them with cross-cutting skills also useful to increase the ability to work in different operational contexts.

The Master of Level II, thanks to a more extensive laboratory activity, develops in more detail the specialized skills of the computer science type, increasing the operational capabilities in different national and international contexts. The Master of Level II integrates, like the Master of Level I, the knowledge acquired by acquiring the cross-cutting skills necessary for inclusion and growth within the various work contexts.

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