Library services

This page summarises and maps out use of library services for members of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF).

Online library

The Scientific and Technological Library website offers online reference through Primo, access to electronic journals, information on new acquisitions and other services such as interlibrary loan and document delivery.

The Library subscribes to the following online journal packages

You can access these directly from MathSciNet. From the record of the article searched for, by clicking on the ‘Article’ or on ‘Journal’, you will be recognised as an authorised University of Udine user. MathSciNet does not always display the article as downloadable. However, by clicking on ‘Journal’, you will be directed to the journal and automatically recognised.

Access: online (domain recognition) from all the University’s workstations (unlimited simultaneous users). Access from outside the University.


The online version of Mathematical Reviews can be consulted (only from the University’s computers) both on AMS and via the European mirror sites:

Zentralblatt für Mathematik is only available in demo version (up to a maximum of three items per search).

The DMIF Library Committee

This currently consists of the professor Lorenzo Freddi who is the permanent delegate of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics on the University’s Library System Council.

Procedure for purchase of books using the Department’s monograph fund

The cost of purchases for teaching purposes is covered entirely by the Department while purchases for research purposes are co-funded by the proponent.

The proponent completes the relevant form, specifying whether the purchase is for teaching or research purposes and sends it to the DMIF library committee coordinator together with the following additional documentation:

  • if the purchase is for teaching: the proponent must document that the text requested for purchase is among those recommended for a programme that he/she teaches (for example, by indicating the programme’s web address)
  • If the purchase is for research: for the first purchase, no documentation is required while, for subsequent purchases, the proponent must document having already purchased books at his/her own expense at a cost at least equivalent to that of the requested purchase.

When completing the form, please bear in mind that it is in the orderer’s interest to indicate a proposed Dewey classification for the book, in order to be certain that it will be put in the right place.

Procedure for purchase of journals

The person in question requests that the Library Committee starts a new scientific journal subscription.

  1. The Library Committee makes a decision, taking into account the journal’s academic level (also using tools such as its impact factor), the expenditure limits of the budget of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and the number of subscriptions already in course in the academic area to which the journal relates. If the decision is favourable, the Library Committee sends the request to the Department Board for approval
  2. If the Department Board decides to grant the request to start a new subscription, the requesting person takes out the subscription for a duration of at least three full years, paying for it entirely with his/her own research funds
  3. At the end of the three years, the Department intervenes, guaranteeing subscription for a further three years. The necessary funding is obtained from funds previously set aside.
  4. At the end of the six years, the Department Board, having conferred with the Library Committee, assesses the possibility of continuing to pay for the subscription.

Journal catalogue

The current journal catalogue may be viewed here.