Student internships

All the Bachelor Degree Programmes offered by the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics (DMIF) involve a compulsory curricular internship. For the Master Degree Programmes, internships are not mandatory but they are recommended in some cases.

Types of internship

Curricular internship

Students who need to complete a professional training period in order to earn the educational credits required by their study plan must apply for a curricular internship (possibly within the organizational structure of the university). The application procedures are described below (see “How do I do it?”). The duration of an internship depends on the number of course credits included in the study plan: each course credit is worth 25 hours (e.g., 9 credits x 25 = 225 internship hours).

Voluntary internship

Students may carry out an internship even if it is not required by their study plan. The Internship Office (Ufficio tirocini), at a student’s request, may issue a certificate attesting to the completed activity. The application procedures for voluntary internships are the same as for curricular internships.

How to complete the Agreement and the Training and Orientation Plan (PFO)

Please note:
Some programmes have specific application requirements. Subject to such requirements, the documentation may be prepared as follows:

  1. Choosing a company or organisation (hosting party)
    Please refer to the list of affiliated companies or internship announcements. The student may identify a company to their liking.
    Internships may also be completed within the University, at: Departments, Laboratories, or Offices and Libraries.
    Prospective interns must contact the company or university structure directly.
  2. Verifying that the company is affiliated
    The student must check that the hosting company is already affiliated with the University by referring to the list of companies.
    If the company is not affiliated, or the agreement is due for renewal, the company must follow the instructions provided on the relevant page: INFORMATION FOR COMPANIES OR ORGANISATIONS
    No Agreement is required for internships within the University of Udine.
  3. Preparing the PFO
    The Training and Orientation Plan (PFO) must be filled out and delivered to the Internship Office, signed by the Company Tutor, by the Academic Tutor and by the intern.
    PFOs not bearing the required signatures will not be accepted.
    For internships within the University of Udine, the internal training plan must be filled out instead.
  4. Delivering the documentation to the Internship Office
    1. Agreement. Both contracts must be signed with a pen (the hosting party must affix a duty stamp for 16 euros on only one of the documents while, for foreign organisations and companies, a duty stamp is not required) and must be delivered in person or sent by ordinary mail to the Internship Office. The Agreement may be sent by email only by local government bodies.
      • The document must be signed with a certified digital signature (instructions)
      • The Agreement must be sent through certified email (PEC, Posta Elettronica Certificata) to:
      • Payment of stamp duty is not required.
    2. Company Sheet. This may be delivered in person or sent by ordinary mail or email.
    3. The Training and Orientation Plan (PFO). This may be delivered in person or sent by ordinary mail if signed with a handwritten signature (with a pen). The PFO may be sent by email if and only if (a) it is in electronic format and (b) the signatures of all the three parties are in digital format, in accordance with the instructions and using any of the methods indicated.
    4. Deadlines. The documentation must be received by the Office at Via Gemona, 92, Udine, at least 10 working days (two weeks in the absence of public holidays) before the start date of the internship. For internships abroad, the INAIL form (for the Italian Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) must also be filled out and delivered.

Summary of documents

  • 1 copy of the PFO;
  • (only for internships abroad) 1 copy of INAIL form.

What to do at the end of the internship

To complete the internship, simply deliver the log-book, duly filled in and signed by the Company Tutor and the Academic Tutor, to the Internship Office, which will then activate the procedures for the recognition of the credits, if applicable.

Recognition of internship credits for voluntary placements, work activities and seminars

  • Please note that internships may be included in the programme’s study plan and, in this case, they are compulsory, just like any other required exam. Internships may also be chosen by the student if included in the list of optional activities. Students must declare their choice to the Administrative Office for Students (Segreteria studenti) before the internship is started. The internship becomes curricular as soon as the student’s choice is authorised by the Administrative office.
  • For seminars, conventions and conferences attended by students, for which the teaching staff has provided for the recognition of one or more internship credits, students must present a certificate issued by a teacher directly to the Administrative Office.
  • For working activities to be acknowledged as internships, students must submit a written request (accompanied by a 16€ duty stamp) to the teaching committee of their degree programme. Such request must be submitted to the Administrative Office for Students (Segreteria Studenti).
  • For inclusion of internships in the study plan, in cases when they are not offered even as an option, students must submit a written request (accompanied by a 16€ duty stamp) to the teaching committee of their degree programme. Such request must be submitted to the Administrative Office for Students (Segreteria Studenti).

Important notes on insurance cover!

The insurance provided by the University covers:

  • accidents at work;
  • third-party liability (ACE EUROPEAN GROUP LTD: polizza n. ITCANB 18445);
  • workplace hazards and associated activities;
  • for insurance abroad, particularly for placements outside the Euro area, students are advised to take out an ad hoc health insurance policy.

In particular, it is advisable, for countries in the European Union, to obtain an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card).
For further information:

In order for the insurance cover to be guaranteed, students may only begin internships after receiving an official notification by email from the Internship Office, and they may only be on company premises during the dates, days and times established in the training and orientation plan (PFO).