CINI Consortium Unit

Since 1989, DMIF has hosted a Unit of the Italian Inter-university Consortium for Computer Science (CINI).

CINI comprises 44 public universities and involves over 1,300 members of teaching staff from the INF/01 and ING-INF/05 academic disciplines. Its objective is to promote and coordinate scientific, research and transfer activities, both core and applied, in the field of computer science, in concert with the national scientific communities of reference.

Head of Unit: prof. Marino Miculan

The following National Laboratories Units are activated in Udine:

  • Big Data – coordinator prof. Stefano Mizzaro
  • InfoLife – coordinator prof. Alberto Policriti
  • CyberSecurity – coordinator prof. Marino Miculan
  • Smart cities & communities – coordinator prof. Carlo Tasso
  • Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Systems – coordinator prof. Agostino Dovier
  • Informatica & Società – coordinator prof. Paolo Coppola