Academic Year 2022-2023



Rodica Toader
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Prerequisites. Calculus 1 and 2, Geometry 1 and 2
Teaching Methods. Lectures
Verification of Learning. Written and oral examinations. In the written part of the exam the students are asked to solve some problems of the same kind as those addressed in the exercise classes. The purpose is to verify the knowledge and comprehension of the subjects discussed and the ability to apply this in slightly different situations. The oral exam consists in a discussion of the written exam followed by some theoretical questions. Its purpose is to verify the level of theoretical knowledge, the autonomy and the comunicative ability of the students.
More Information. The course can be held in English upon request of the competent authority
to understand and to be able to apply the elementary tools and the fundamental results regarding ordinary diffferential equations, partial differential equations, and complex variable functions
Complements on ordinary differential equations.

Introduction to the study of partial differential equations.

Introduction to the study of complex variable functions.

L. Evans Partial Differential Equations, AMS, 1998.

G. De Marco

Analisi Due/2,

Zanichelli, Bologna, 1999

lecture notes