Academic Year 2023-2024



Daniele Salvati
Fabio Buttussi
Course Year
Unit Credits
Teaching Period
First Period
Course Type
Prerequisites. None
Teaching Methods. The course includes:

– frontal teaching activities aimed at learning the main basic theoretical concepts of Web Technologies;

– laboratory activities aimed at the application of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript languages.

Verification of Learning. Verification of learning is performed at the end of the course with a written exam. The written exam consists of a test consisting of laboratory exercises and questions on the topics of the course.

Grading criteria:

More Information. The course slides and other teaching material will be available on the E-Learning platform of the University of Udine and in the course team. These materials are reserved for students enrolled in the course.
The course aims to present information technologies for the World Wide Web.

At the end of the course the student will acquire specific knowledge and skills on:

– basic terminology and conceptualizations for analyzing, describing and evaluating web technologies;

– principles, methodologies, techniques and tools for website development;

– methodologies and tools for the creation of static and dynamic websites;

– communication skills in knowing how to describe the fundamental characteristics of the web;

– autonomy of judgment in evaluating websites from different points of view;

– learning ability in knowing how to identify problems and propose solutions, in being able to generalize (or specialize) concepts, models and methods, in knowing how to establish analogies between different conceptualizations and knowing how to transfer concepts and methods between different domains, and in knowing how to reflect on choices and decisions.

The contents of the course concern:

– Internet network infrastructure and main features of the web service;

– multimedia resources (digitization, formats and compression);

3. languages for structuring and presenting web content (XML, HTML, CSS);

4. basic fundamentals of the JavaScript language.

J. F. Kurose, K. W. Ross, A. Capone, S. Gaito, Reti di calcolatori e Internet – Un approccio top-down, Pearson, 2022.

J. Duckett, HTML & CSS – Progettare e costruire siti web, Apogeo, 2017.

J. Duckett, JavaScript and JQuery – Sviluppare interfacce web interattive, Apogeo, 2017.