Phd Course in Mathematical and Physical Sciences


Memory, Past, Delay: Mathematics and More

Basic Course


University of Udine / University of Udine / University of Udine / Budapest Institute of Technology and Economics / University of Udine / University of Naples / McGill University
Board Contact
Dimitri Breda
Freq. 2 / Ass. 2
May – June 2022
Lessons / Hours
7 lectures / 14 hours
  1. Do you remember derivatives? (2h)
    Presentation of the course and overview/recall of basic mathematical concpets and tools (of calculus, linear algebra, approximation and dynamical systems), the minimum to tackle the course, presented in popular/informative style with reference to their use in applications/real life
    Dimitri Breda
  2. A jump to infinity (2h)
    Essential dynamical aspects of systems with delay, from ordinary evolution to evolution with memory
    Dimitri Breda
  3. Remembering (2h)
    An historical perspective through the works of Vito Volterra on integral equations and material hysteresis
    Fabio Zanolin
    A probabilistic point of view through the modelling of memory of its lack in probabilistic distributions and stochastic processes
    Paolo Vidoni
  4. Controlling the human body (2h)
    When delays destabilize our body and how to react/control, with many other applications also from arts
    Gabor Stepan
  5. From finite to infinite and backwards (2h)
    Numerical and computational aspects in treating delay systems and relevant applications
    Rossana Vermiglio
  6. Behavioral epidemiology (2h)
    When memory affects our decisions such as, e.g., vaccinating or not
    Bruno Buonomo
  7. Loosing memory (2h)
    Models from physiology and medicine, diseases characterized by periodicity induced by the system memory, study of resonances and improvement of medical treatment through modelling
    Michael Mackey
In-depth study by the student