PhD Alumni

PhD Alumni in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics

  • Irene Burelli, Study of the divergent pointing mode for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory Southern array (sup. Barbara De Lotto / Francesco Longo / Michele Palatiello)
  • Riccardo Crupi, Deep Learning for Gamma-Ray Bursts: A data driven event framework for X/Gamma-Ray analysis in space telescopes (sup. Barbara De lotto / Andrea Vacchi)
  • Axel De Nardin, Deep learning techniques for image segmentation and anomaly detection in low data regimes (sup. Gian Luca Foresti / Claudio Piciarelli)
  • Marta Serafini, Virtual reality systems for anxiety mitigation: exploring desktop, immersive and augmented reality (sup. Luca Chittaro)
Cycle XXIX

PhD Alumni in Computer Science

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  • Andrea Baruzzo. A Unified Framework for Automated UML Model Analysis (sup. Marco Comini, Carlo Tasso)
  • Buora Gian Battista. Eleusys: an ontological repository for exchanging educational resources (sup. Vito Roberto)
  • Giusti Christian. General image understanding by using decomposition trees (sup. Goffredo Pieroni)
  • Piciarelli Claudio. Trajectory clustering techniques for unsupervised anomalous event detection. (sup. Gian Luca Foresti)
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PhD Alumni in Mathematics and Physics

Cycle XXVI
  • Simone Brazzale.  Searching for pair production of top squarks in sqrt(s) = 7 TeV and sqrt(s) = 8 TeV proton-proton collisions and final state swith two leptons at the ATLAS experiment (tutor: prof. Pauletta e Santi) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  • Giuseppe Fera (tutor: prof. Michelini e Santi) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  • Alessio Fiscella (tutor: prof. Gaudenzi e Zanolin) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica: non terminato
  • Emanuele Frittaion. Reverse Mathematics and partial orders (tutor: prof. Parlamento e Marcone) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica
  • Manuele Pugliese (tutor: prof. Santi e Michelini) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  • Amos Turchet. Geometric Lang-Vojta Conjecture in P^2 (tutor: prof: Corvaja) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica
Cycle XXV
Cycle XXIV
  • Luigi Cossio (tutor: prof. De Angelis) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  • Francesco Dazzi. A new stereoscopic Sum-Trigger-II for the MAGIC Telescopes (tutor: prof. De Lotto) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  • Stefano Vercellati (tutor: prof. Michelini e Santi) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
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Cycle XIX
  • Jung-Kyu Canci. Rational preperiodic points for rational maps (tutor: prof. Pietro Corvaja)
  • Valentina Rossi (tutor: prof. Dikran Dikranjan) [*]
  • Melisa Rossi (tutor: prof. Giovanni Pauletta)
  • Alberto Stefanel (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)
  • Giovanni Tarantino (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)
Cycle XVII