Marco Baruzzo

Marco Baruzzo


Supervisor: Andrea Vacchi

+39 0432 558411

Stanza / Room: NS4

Research Project

Development and characterization of advanced Silicon Drift
Detector for experimental physics applications

The semiconductor detectors are commonly used in a large amount of applications, from the low energy spectroscopy to the high energy particle tracking, due to their versatility and the main useful characteristic as high energy resolution and time resolution. In particular the second feature has been increased with the developing of the Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), which can be actually employed in two different projects: HERMES Pathfinder and FAMU.

Project goal

The objectives of this project are:
  • construction and characterization of a Silicon Drift Detector: mechanically couplinged with a scintillator crystals, signal collection and handling, measurement of the spatial, time and energy resolution in different condition (temperature, pressure, irradiation) and different sources; comparison of results with the specification of the experiment/satellite requests;
  • set-up of the instrument in the final location with the optimized detector and data collection;
  • analysis the acquired data and control of the detector functionality;
  • analysis of the physical information derived from the collected data on GRB observation or X-ray emission from a de-excited muonic atom.