Final workshop of the SiDiA project: “On the joint spectral radius“

On the joint spectral radius

Gli Estesi Mercoledì del DMIF




20 novembre 2019


Aula Multimediale


Giovanni Panti


The joint spectral radius of finite matrix sets was introduced by Rota and Strang in 1960. It remained unnoticed for more than 30 years, and then abruptly entered the forefront of research, attracting too many people to be mentioned here. Part of the research of the “Sistemi Dinamici e Appli- cazioni” project, founded by the DMIF, focused on the jsr, and in this final workshop we present results and look at directions for future research. We aim at establishing a friendly atmosphere, with plenty of time for discussion among participants. No registration is required, and everybody is welcome to attend; mail for any information