Action Languages: a tool for modeling dynamic systems

Breve curriculum vitae

Michael Gelfond
Professor of Computer Science
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas, USA
M.S. in Mathematics (1968),
St.Petersburg University, St.Petersburg, Russia
Ph.D. in Mathematics (1974)
Steklov Mathematical Institute, St.Petersburg, Russia

Honors, Awards, and Professional Service
AAAI fellow
The Burlington Northern Distinguished Achievement Award in Research
College of Engineering’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Area Editor of the Journal of Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (Knowledge Representation and Nonmonotonic Reasoning)
Executive Editor of the Journal of Logic and Computation.
Co-founder and co-head of the Knowledge Representation Lab
Co-organizer, Texas Action Group
Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning Conference

Areas of Interest
Knowledge representation and reasoning
logic programming
answer set programming

Summary of Research
Prof. Gelfond is interested in the development of languages for representing commonsense knowledge and investigating their mathematical and computational properties. His recent work deals with the semantics of logic programs and their extensions, logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning, formal representation of properties of actions and their effects , and developing software components for intelligent agents.